HODLpac Governance Token
Details on HODLpac's governance token on Polygon
HODLpac's governance token (HODL) is an ERC-20 token on Polygon.
HODLpac governance tokens are non-transferable, i.e. tokenholders are not able to send or sell their HODL tokens. This is to ensure that only verified US persons are able to participate in HODLpac governance, per Federal Election Commission rules.
HODLpac members register a wallet with HODLpac, at the time of donation, to receive their governance tokens.
If members wish to change the wallet they are using for HODLpac activities or if they lose access to their registered wallet, please email [email protected]
HODLpac leverages OpenZeppelin's access control plugin to restrict token transfer and burning rights to HODLpac's multi-sig wallet, controlled by HODLpac's core team.
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