Endorsement Process

The role of the HODLpac Endorsement Committee
When a candidate is endorsed by HODLpac, he or she becomes eligible to receive donations from HODLpac's traditional PAC treasury in the form of matching funds in Donation Rounds.
The HODLpac Endorsement Committee is a curated group of seven people from across the cryptocurrency ecosystem that are hands-on in policy advocacy and motivated to make the crypto community a political force in 2022 and beyond.
Their role is to make initial endorsement decisions, based on their experience and expertise, to help minimize the governance load of the HODLpac community when it comes to deciding who passes the bar to receive HODLpac funds.
HODLpac’s Endorsement Committee for the 2022 election cycle:
  • Kristin Smith, executive director of the Blockchain Association
  • Ryan Selkis, CEO of Messari and founder of the Digital Freedom Alliance
  • David Zell, head of policy at BTC Inc and founder of the Bitcoin Policy Institute
  • Dennis Porter, Bitcoin-focused public policy advocate and podcast host
  • John McCarthy, general counsel at Wicklow Capital
  • Julian Fletcher-Taylor, HODLpac
  • Tyler Whirty, HODLpac
  • The Endorsement Committee’s decisions are a first pass at endorsements. HODLpac governance token holders will be able to reverse or compel an endorsement decision via community governance.
  • The HODLpac Endorsement Committee for the 2022 cycle was selected by HODLpac leadership; but, in subsequent cycles, the Endorsement Committee will be elected by HODLpac governance token holders.