HODLpac's Core Principles
HODLpac's four guiding principles

Big Tent

HODLpac is fighting for the future of the cryptoeconomy in the United States - Bitcoin, DeFi, Web3, NFTs, and everything in between.
To split into factions based on crypto tribes at this time would be to condemn ourselves to lose the big battles our community faces with policymakers and governments.


HODLpac will support pro-crypto candidates regardless of political ideology. We're a single issue organization.
That said, the crypto community has diverse political opinions and ideologies. HODLpac should be constructed in a way that members can choose to support only individual candidates or political parties they otherwise align with.


If we’re going to build a lasting political organization on behalf of crypto, we have to be decentralized and cryptonative, i.e. trust minimized and lacking a central point of control.


We’re a community of early builders, users, and investors in the cryptoeconomy.
It’s on us to bring our policymakers and the public up to speed on why they should care about what we're advocating for.
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