Earning HODLvotes

How to earn HODLvotes to spend in community ballots.

HODLvotes are the governance token for HODLpac. They are Ethereum-based ERC-20 tokens on the Rinkeby test-net (to avoid gas fees). You can hold them in any wallet - however, MetaMask works best.

There are a few ways to earn HODLvotes to spend in Community Ballots. Though we hope you'll donate, there are ways to participate without donating money!

As we grow, we hope to add to this list but, for now, these are the ways to earn HODLvotes:

This is the main way to earn HODLvotes. For each dollar you donate to HODLpac, you get one HODLvote token.

At the end of each week until Election Day 2020, we will send HODLpac donors their HODLvotes to use in community ballots.

Sometimes, we'll run promotions where donors can earn 1.5x or 2x their donations.

If you're reading this, donate here for 2x your donation in HODLvotes.

Getting Others to Donate

You can also earn HODLvotes by helping grow our community and our pool of money to donate.

For every dollar donated through your unique fundraising link, you'll earn two HODLvotes.

Interested? Email us at [email protected] for a unique referral link.

Share Your Email

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It's that easy!

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